Exercises To Prevent Back Pain


exercise for back painThe word “exercise” almost always conjures up the thought of aerobics for cardiovascular health. Nevertheless, exercise can be performed for many different reasons and with different goals in mind. One of these goals is the prevention of back pain. Yes, there are exercises that can actually help to prevent attacks of back pain.

Among the most important advice that can be given is to forcefully remind that these exercises must not be performed during the occurrence of the pain. The very purpose of the movements is to prevent pain, not to alleviate aches once they have begun.

Simple But Effective

The good news about exercising to prevent back pain is that no fancy or expensive equipment is required. Professional in-person training isn’t necessary. One can learn these exercises in the comfort of his home, training himself by video. No noise is generated in the performance of these exercises making it very feasible to practice them even in a small apartment.

What’s more is that their effectiveness is easily measured–the absence of pain equals the prevention of pain which is the entire goal.

Give It A Try

The specific area of pain in the back will determine the type of exercises needed to target certain muscles. One exercise is so simple that it can be performed within minutes using nothing but a floor mat. This exercise concentrates on the back’s upper muscles that link to the shoulder blades.

The individual simply lies face down on the mat with his arms extended out on each side. The extension should be less than a 90 degree angle.
The position is similar to the starting one of children who make angels in the snow, the only difference being the need to lie face down. The arms are then lifted up into the air, back towards the ceiling while a breath is taken in. During exhalation, the arms are slowly lowered back to the floor, assuming their original starting position. This routing is repeated at least ten times, preferably fifteen.

Say No To Back Pain

Most importantly, sufferers of back pain would do well to come into the knowledge that a large percentage of them can indeed be free from discomfort and live normal lives. The combination of avoiding harmful positions, learning to recognize warning signs and symptoms, and dangerous methods of moving heavy objects, will prove invaluable.

Pain killers always carry unpleasant side effects. They should only be taken when absolutely necessary to obtain relief. How much better does achieving relief through pain preventing exercises sound?